Saturday, January 5, 2013


Can't even remember the last time I made a post on here. That being said, I no longer wish to continue my blog. There's so much I have to do: write, do stand-up, socialize more, etc.

2012 was literally the best year of my life. September - 1/2 of December was the BEST experience of my life. I was happy every single day. I performed on a Second City stage with my comedy family, whom I adore - I even got some of my own material in the show! Most importantly, I emerged with a new sense of self and gained 25 super funny and talented and fun and wonderful friends that I hope to work with again someday.


2013 has a lot to live up to.

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  1. I was actually just thinking about your blog today and hoping you would post something soon. I'm so sad you're leaving blogspot but I can understand that you already have a lot going on. I wish you the best in 2013! Especially on your journey to becoming the next great female comedian of our time ;)

    1. I don't have a lot of followers anyway, so I see no point in continuing when I have more important things at hand. I hope you continue yours - I loooooooooooooove seeing what you are wearing or what beautiful shade you're going to dye your hair next. Thanks, you too! I'm around until the 19th, so, if possible, we should all three still hang out.

  2. NOOO NAY! :( I will miss you on here! But I understand. And I'm so happy to hear that things are going so well for you!! Yay!


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